How to remove compound dust from hardwood flooring

I’ve seen it happen many times: floor get refinished and then homeowners decide to paint.

That’s not a problem if you have red rosin paper all over the floor, but if you don’t, it could be a problem. If the paining job involved sanding the whole floor could be covered with the compound. You could wash your floor with water time and time again, but once it’s dry the powder will still show.

A couple of people actually called us to come and buff and coat the floor for them again after we sanded it due to the lack of luck to wash the powder off.

Here is the advice which will save you a lot of money and effort: try ‘Bona’. Just add it to the water, wash the floor just like you normally do and you should be all set. This cleaner should take care of the powder after the first use, but even if it didn’t and the second wash is required, you will see the significant difference in the floor before and after ‘Bona’.

I know we saw…

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