How to Corner

Situation is very similar to fireplace case, but sometimes you’ll have make another snap line if the room opens around the corner. It depends on the rooms layout too. If you’ll understand the idea of cornering right and clear, then you have obtained useful skill, and installation will be a piece of cake. Another difficulty is starting and finishing the process. It’s about the same, and it contains the usage of the same skills, we used in the cornering. Finally you will make it to the last wall. At some point nail gun will become unusable, because there won’t be enough room for it. Use finish gun instead. In order to have the pieces sit tight together, take a regular screwdriver and push the boards together, while nailing it.

And the very last board (and the very first one, and the one from the fireplace) you can probably figure by yourself at this point of time. Cut it using table saw, put in its place, but don’t use a hammer to bring it down. Take another piece of wood, put it on top of the last board and gently (or not) hammer it down, then finish it with a gun. Congratulations! It’s done! Now, if it is a prefinished floor, you should be all set, if it’s unfinished, hire a professional company to sand it and cover it with the poly.

Tip: always wear the goggles while using a table saw! Otherwise it can be very dangerous.

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