Hardwood Floor Installation Process

In this section besides basic installation technique, you’ll learn a few useful tips, which will help you to complete your task right, and make your floors look nice.For the tools needed, see “Hardwood installation tools and equipment”.

First of all, you need to decide what type of hardwood floor you want to lay down, unfinished or prefinished. There’s not much of a difference in the method you will use for either of them, except for that when you’re dealing with prefinished floor, you will have to be much more careful.

If you’ll leave a scratch, groove or crack on the prefinished floor, you might not always be able to fix it for it to still look good. Some of it you can fix, by putting polyurethane over it for example, but sometimes problematic spot is beyond an easy repair and attracts unwanted attention. Thus, you have to make your way to victory carefully, step by step, without leaving any bad spots behind, otherwise you might have to do some repairs afterwards, which is never a pleasure to do. It takes time and effort, and can be avoided. Shall be. Unfinished flooring is much easier to deal with, considering the fact you can skip more or less bad spots while moving on, and take care of ‘em later relatively easy. Grooves, scratches, scuffs, nail holes, cracks, misplaced staples, broken pieces, all of that can be punched down, patched and/or glued. After that, when you’ll be done with sanding part (which is necessary for the unfinished floors), it won’t look bad but rather nice.

To be continued…

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