Sawdust is flammable.

The reason I’m writing this article is because a lot of homeowners don’t know how flammable the sawdust is.When the floors get sanded a lot of it is created and in most cases all of it goes into the trash bag.In many cases people want to leave it inside the house or garage, until the garbage pickup day comes and the bag will be taken care of.

What homeowners don’t realize is that this stuff can catch a fire in no time and as a result the house will be burned down.A couple of friends of mine told me some interesting stories about the sawdust.One was going to throw a trash bag in the city dump, so he put it inside his truck, but he was going to run some errands first, so left it there for a few hours. The day was pretty hot, so the dust started to burn and he didn’t realize what’s going on until he looked back.Another friend told me that the same thing happened to him, the only difference was  that the trash bag was outside in his yard.

But by just putting the sawdust outside your house you won’t solve the problem.Somebody could throw a cigarette butt at it and again it’s going to catch a fire.It is recommended that the the bag with the dust should be placed outside the house at least 4-5 feet away from any building.

Remember, the flooring contractors insurance is very high and it is mainly because a lot of houses were burned down over the years and one of the main reasons of fire is a sawdust.

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  • Kaushik says:

    I stay in Bangalore, India. Recently I am doing my wooden flooring and hence last Saturday, the flooring guys finished the sanding of the wooden floor that generated a big amount of very fine grained saw dust. The whole of Saturday and Sunday, nobody went inside the room and it was totally closed. Yesterday night (Monday night 2:00 am) at around 2 am, I got with smoke totally filled up in the room and I was choking as I tried to enter the room. The saw dust was kept in the ground floor of the room which was granite and was in a bit isolated place and thus nothing happened. The upper floor of that room was the wooden floor which was untouched. It was a very very lucky escape for us. I searched in the net and find that for saw dust to get into flames, you do not necessarily need an external source of fire. The heat generated by the flooring can be good enough for the saw dust to catch fire. I wish to spread this message to all who are doing wooden flooring or any such activity that generates fine grained saw dust to be careful of this flammability hazard of saw dust.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    No questions, with the sawdust you HAVE to be VERY CAREFULL!
    I’m glad nothing bad happened to you, or your property!

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