When is a good time to refinish the floors.

I heard this question many times.There are few thing to consider.After that make your choice.

First, it’s a good time to do the floors if you just bought the house(if they are in bad shape, of course). Don’t put it aside and think that you will take care of it later room by room.This  is a very common mistake.It will cost you twice or even three times as much to do it this way, rather than all at once.Shop for the estimates and you will see that most of the floor guys will charge a flat fee for the room.You will end up paying $300-$500 for 10×10 room.If you will do the whole house at once the room this size will cost you $140-$200.Not to mention all the dust and noise that you will have to live with, while your floors are being refinished, and the furniture that will have to be moved out and back in.

Second.The best time of the year for ANY home project, including the floors, would be winter.During the summer months everybody are working on their houses and the prices are going up significantly.In winter thing are usually slow for everybody in the construction industry, so you will be able to get the same project done for the price that much lower than in summer (I’d say 15%-20%).

When shopping for an estimate, call 2-3 different contractors, get the prices, compare.I wouldn’t go with the price that is much lower than everybody else’s.Don’t forget: you get what you pay for.

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