Water damage on the hardwood floors.

There are many floors that have a water damage and there is always a question whether that can be removed or not. Although many people are sceptical about it and there is no way to promise it, there are ways to get rid of the stains.

First and foremost: it is almost impossible to get rid of the urine stains, not if they’ve been there for years. In case these stains appeared recently(within the last 4-6 months), you can try to get rid of them with the chance of success.There are other types of stains, of course: somebody spilled something, or you had a plant on your floor and found water damage after removing it. Honestly, there is a good chance to fix these problems.

Now, how to fix the water damage? Well, there are two the most common ways. First, to sand the floor and try to go a little deeper on the spots, where the stains appear.Don’t go too crazy, because if you go too deep, you will have a gap in your floor, and the only way to fix that is by replacing the wood. If you sanded the floor and you didn’t have any luck, try to bleach the stains. Just take a regular bleach, put it on the rag and rub it into the surface. Be careful: if you will put too much bleach, you will end up with the white stains instead of black ones.There is no way to fix that one either, unless you will replace the flooring.

Like I said, if you know what are you doing, you should, if not get rid of the water damage completely, at least have much less of it, with the stains that are dramatically reduced in size.

If you didn’t have any luck removing the damage, you can always stain your floors. The best choice would be a darker stain, something like Red Oak,  Red Mahogany and Cherry: those are on the reddish side, or English Chesnut and Dark Walnut, if you want you floor to be more on the brown side.

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