Moving back your furniture, after the floors are done

People ask the question about when can they move the furniture back a lot, so here is the answer.

After your floor has been installed, if it is a prefinished type obviously, you can move back in pretty much right away: finish was applied on this wood a while ago, so it had plenty of time to cure even before you bought it.

After the floor just been refinished, the manufacturers of polyurethane normally recommend to wait a week before putting the furniture back on the floor. If it would be my floor, I would probably wait 2 days and then moved back in. The reason is simple: they say that in the first 24 hrs., polyurethane is 40% cure(it is good to walk on the next day for the oil-based and the same day for the water-based products), and then it is an additional 10% per day, so unless you have something really heavy(tables,chairs and beds are fine),you’re good to go 48 hrs after the job was done.

Just one thing to remember: do not drag, or roll your stuff across the floor(this happens a lot when the kitchen floor is getting done, normally with the fridges): you are going to leave huge gouges, which means that you’re going to re-sand your floor again, because this is the only way to get rid of them.

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  • Joey Crider says:

    We had our hardwood floors refinished. The last coat of oil-based poly was applied 4 days ago. Unknowingly, we dragged a mattress across the floor which has left a narrow scuff mark trail all along the way. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to remove the scuff mark?

  • admin says:


    It’s pretty easy, actually.
    Just sand the scuff mark lightly with fine sandpaper(220 is good), and apply a coat of poly over it.
    I’m sure if you’ll let your floor guy know about it he’ll do it no problem. Shouldn’t take him longer than 15 min

  • andrew C. says:

    Hi, refinished with 3 coats of oil based poly. They were done around 12 on a Wed and said we could move our furniture in the next morning, which was completed around 11. It seemed quick to me but they were the experts so i thought it may work. Overall floors look great, but it’s 10 days later & i just moved a couch and chair. Saw scuff marks where the legs were. Would the same advice above clear those off? ALSO, they didn’t stain under a cabinet in the living – do you know how i could remedy that? THanks!

  • admin says:

    I don’t see why not.
    You can try to touch up the spots without a finish as well.
    In most cases it blends in.

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