How to refinish wood floors

For those of you who doesn’t know this, here is the order, in which the floor should be refinished:

1. Rough sand with the big machine (normally 36 grit sandpaper).

2. Rough sand with the edger.

3. Rough sand underneath the radiators and in the corners.

4. Fill the nailholes.

5. Fine sand  with the big machine (normally with 80 grit sandpaper).

6. Fine sand with the edger.

7. Scrape the corners.

8. Buff the floors (normally 120 grit discs).

9.Vacuum the floors.

10. Coat of sealer.

11. Coat of polyurethane.

12. Fill the nailholes (if you missed some).

13. Buff the floors

14. Vacuum the floors.

15. Final coat of polyurethane.

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