What to do first: paint the room or sand the floors

Every time somebody does the home improvement project this is the question that they come across.

Many times a lot of people asked me this question.If you paint first, then the floor guys will damage or scratch the baseboards.If you refinish the floors first, the painters could spill something on the freshly sanded floors.Not to mention, that somebody could scratch the floors, even if you will cover them.

Well, the truth is, you can do it both ways.My advice would be, if you decided to paint first, to finish all you need, except for the baseboards.Just prime them.You can paint them later, after the floor guys are done, or almost done, before the last coat of polyurethane.If you’d like to sand the floors prior to painting, ask the floor company to apply only two coats of poly, paint everything and do the final coat afterwards, because before the final coat is applied, the floor needs to be buffed, so if there is a minor scratch or a little spill, it should come off. When I say a minor scratch, that exactly what that means.If you think that you can drag the fridge across the room making a deep gauge and the buffing will take care of it, you are very wrong.It will never happen.You will end up either living with this, or refinishing the room again.

No matter what you decided to do first, if you will plan everything and be careful, everything will go just the way you wanted.

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