Working with Oak Flooring

One of my favourite types of wood: hard and durable.It’s fairly inexpensive.You can find select unfinished oak  in the most stores, such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s.The price in these stores varies between $1.99 and $2.99 per ft.(depending on the time you’re buying it, I guess: if you will look for it during the summer months, when everybody seem to do some sort of construction in their houses, the price is higher).Most popular brand are: Bruce (you can find it at the Home Depot and Lowe’s) and Mullican(to get this flooring, you will have to do some shopping around).

You can find prefinished select oak, as well as unfinished.A lot of people prefer prefinished flooring lately, as this is the easy way out.Maybe it costs more (the lowest price that I’ve seen is $2.85 per sq.ft), but you save on the labor( it doesn’t have to be sanded and polyed), plus you’re not going to have that much dust, since there is no sanding involved.

If you’re not that picky and want to save yourself some money, get unselect oak.The difference is that there are more knots in the wood, the pieces are shorter and there is obviously more waste.In most cases ,if you are buying unselect oak, you will not be able to return it, even if you never opened the bundle (which, in most cases 19,5 sq.ft.).You can buy this type of oak in Lumber Liquidators for $0.99 per sq.ft. Also, you will not be able to find prefinished unselect oak, it only comes unfinished.I personally don’t like to deal with that type of oak, but if you have a rental, or rehab project, probably this could be the way to go.

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