Getting your house ready for the floor guys.

A lot of homeowners ask me about what should they do to make a space ready for the floor guys, so I decided to write about it.

Well, first and foremost: move everything from the floor that will be sanded: there is no way for the floor guys to work around the furnite, not to mention that it’s going to be all dusty once they are done. If you will get the floors done in the closet, please clean it up completely: the clothes that are hanging are not going to be on the way, but more then likely you will have to wash them afterwards, since they will be very dusty.If there is no way for you to move the clothing, at least make sure that it’s covered with plastic.This also applies to the pictures on the wall and the curtains.Pay very close attention to the electronics, such as TV’s and phones: dust is a killer to them.

When the floor guys show up, make sure they seal the areas that they are not working in and put the plastic in the door frames and over the kitchen cabinets (very important when you do the kitchen).

After the job is done, you should expect some minor dust in the rooms that have been done, but everything outside the working space should remain completely dustless.Follow these easy steps and you will save yourself a lot of time cleaning the house after the floors are done.

2 Responses to Getting your house ready for the floor guys.

  • ben more says:

    i put 1 coat of polyurthane i left lines on it i went againest the grain can i fix it if i put the second coat with the grain

  • admin says:

    It depends how much do the lines show.If this would be me,I would probably buff it real good(I mean heavy buffing with the brand new 120 grit sandpaper), and try to take as much finish off the floor as possible(especially in the areas that are affected most).I just think that it’s better to apply an extra coat of poly if the floor will need it, then to sand it all over again.Hope it helps.

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